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Sir Mervyn King, Gerard Lyons & The Independent Newspaper agree with Exeid

Exeid Commercial Propety - Sir Mervyn King Bank of England

In an interview with Channel 4 Yesterday,The Bank of England governor, Sir Mervyn King, says economic growth is on its way.  Mervyn kKing  was upbeat about the end of the recession, however, he  warned that  uncertainty still prevailed over the Eurozone In  the interview, Sir Mervyn said  that the next quarter would probably show a pick-up in activity.   Another leading economist Gerard Lyons of Standard Chartered was interviewed on the  BBC Today programme  this morning and his comments that  “we are now at the turning point”. echoed  the  sentiments expressed by Exeid in our  last posting about the end … Read More


The Recession has ended – Its official.

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  One minute past eleven o’clock on Monday the third of September 2012 marked the official end of the recession and the beginning of “Boom Times” once more. We interviewed the Chief Economist at Exeid to find out exactly how he made this amazing discovery.    How did you make this amazing discovery?   I can only describe it as an Epiphany.  I was listening to a discussion on the BBC and QE or quantitative easing was mentioned yet again.  I remembered playing Monopoly as a child and how the game usually started when we all decided to have fun … Read More