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HO HO HO! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Exeid – Highlights from 2011


HO HO HO! Farewell 2011! The lovely Jo has been making mincemeat of the competition, cooking up a storm and keeping us fed on her delicious, home-made mince pies – I think she might be fattening us up for Christmas! And so the in-office battle for the last mince pie begins, who will win?! My money is on CEO David Ajose, as he always likes to be the ‘santa’ of attention! A quick summary of the Office Market! The Nottingham office market has proved to relatively resilient in 2011, despite the fragile state of the EU and continuing economic turbulence. What … Read More

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Plans to Widen the A453 Go Ahead, Thanks to Lilian Greenwood’s Passionate Campaign!

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When Government Officials decided that the plans to widen Nottinghamshire’s A453 were to be put on hold until at least 2015, Labour MP Lilian Greenwood did not take the decision lying down! Lilian Greenwood is a client of, with offices at 12 Regent Street, Nottingham. As Labour MP for  Nottingham South and Shadow Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Regional and Local Transport, Lilian campaigned tirelessly for the scheme to expand the notoriously dangerous A453 on time, in 2012. She understands just how important these developments are, as they have the potential to boost Nottinghamshire’s economy and keep drivers … Read More

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Nottingham Tram Extension Leaves Beeston’s Commercial Retailers in the Lurch.

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You cannot argue that progression in Nottingham’s public transport isn’t a welcome extension. There will be two new tramlines expected to be operational by 2014 – one running to Clifton and the other to Chliwell, two areas that are deserving of such development. Could it be argued that the ends justify the means? Research shows that more than a few people are being trodden on, along the way. A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) has been issued to retailers in Beeston, meaning they have to evacuate their buildings and relocate. A CPO is a legal function in the United Kingdom and … Read More


Mary Portas Is A Woman On A Mission…

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…To save our High Street Retailers. The acclaimed retail guru was appointed by the government to undertake a review of High Streets in Britain, in May – the report has recently been released and seems ever more poignant as the Festive Season fails to provide the capital ‘boost’ that is usually expected. What is Mary Portas planning to do about it? How has the industry responded, and what does this mean for the Commercial Property Sector? Reports show that although footfall on the High Street has remained relatively unaffected, the cold, hard cash that Christmas Shoppers are parting with, this … Read More

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